Change UCID Password


This process will change the password of your University Computing ID (UCID), but not the password of other computer accounts associated with your UCID. For best results you should use this procedure instead of the current, so that all all your passwords are changed at the same time.

This process changes the password used to access the following systems and services:

General access:

Student access:

Faculty/Staff access:

Alumni access:

This process assumes you already have a UCID and know the current password. If you do not know your UCID password, please use this procedure instead of the current to reset your password.

Step 1 of 2: Initiate password change

Please enter UCID and passwords as described below. Your new password must be different than your old password.

UCID Your University Computing ID (UCID), for example


UCID Password Your UCID password, which is case sensitive.

Your UCID password is also used for Campus Pipeline, Webmail by Google, and other facilities. If you do not know your UCID password, then please visit this page instead of this one.

New UCID Password Enter a new password for your UCID. Your password is not stored in a viewable format. No one from NJIT should ever ask you for your UCID password. Please keep your password in a secure place.

Password Format Rules

Your password is case-sensitive and must contain both letters and numerals. It must be at least 8 and no longer than 14 characters long. Special and/or punctuation characters are not permitted .

Reenter New UCID Password Reenter your new password again to verify correct input.


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