Database Password Reset


This process will change the password used to access personal database accounts, which you use with your UCID name. Please contact the helpdesk if you need to change a password with a non-UCID login, such as sometimes used for a departmental, research, club, or group project database login.

This process assumes you have a valid UCID and UCID password. Your passwords will be changed on the database(s) you select below. The system ignores requests for database systems that you don't have an account on. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Step 1 of 2: Authorize change

Please provide login and other information to change your database password(s) to a random password. See here for information about picking your own database password.

UCID Your University Computing ID (UCID), for example


UCID Password Your UCID password, which is case sensitive.
Database to change Pick "ALL" if you don't know or care which database you want to change.

Choose specific "Oracle" or "MySQL" accounts only if you know you have multiple accounts and you know you want them to be different.

Password complexity Pick "NORMAL" for most cases. You will be assigned a password of random digits and upper/lower characters.

Choose "Simple" if you are using a command line interface and will be typing in your password many times by hand. WARNING! This will make your database easier for someone to break into. You will be assigned a password consisting of a word and numbers.

Choose "Elaborate" if you wish for a higher level of security for your database password. WARNING! The password will contain special characters that you might need to "escape" in your database applications.

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